rev_fox (rev_fox) wrote,

so ya.....

last night i had a (what i think was) a homeless guy try and mug me in the shop at work .i was jsut waiting for the last driver to show up and i was the only guy left there and  i was putting on a tire and i just got done tightening the lug nuts and i heard foots steps behind me so i stood up and turned around and an older  scraggly looking guy was standing there looking at me. and he tells me to give him my money ...... kinda dumbfounded and surprised i just replied no... and he tells me again but louder give me your money and then he moved a bit so i stepped forward and hit him in the face and then grabbed my pry bar off the side of the dukw and hit him again in the side of the head above the ear witch split his head open. he then stumbled and turned around and ran out of the shop through the main door witch he had to come through in the first place. ended up calling the police and was surprised how fast they  actual showed up and gave them the report and they took off looking for him.......

so that was my excitement for the night
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