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hahaha dont fuck with me i will end up winning

so a few months ago my apartment complex towed my truck and it cost me 380 dollars to get it out of impound........

well there is a law in washinton saying that if i report an issue that needs to be repaired in my apartment and it isnt fixed is 72 hours i can repair it myself and take the cost and supplys and my labor off the next months rent.

so a drainage pipe started leaking in the ceiling and i notified them last week and they have yet to come and fix it so i repaired it today and made it look better than it did befor. guess how much they will be taking off my rent :P


I hope that works out, and you don't have to resolve it in court. :)
*chu-ching* :D
Next time just park your truck inside their leasing office =3
part of the law states that the law may not exceed one half of one months rent unfortunatly
Good luck with that. every time I try to do that here with teh fucked up windows or unkept property they say im "ganging up on them" or that i didn't ask if it was approved first.
Why was your truck towed in the first place?
I hope it works according to plan!
To get paid, you're probably going to have to have an estimate (or three!) from licensed contractors to back up your claim, or they're likely to claim that you're over-charging them. In the event that it does end up in court, having an amount that exactly matches your tow-charges (unless the amount is lower than a professional estimate!) might give a judge reason to side with them and knock down your granted amount.

Just my $0.02 from the Republik of Kalifornia.
and I'm going to come live with you and these ass holes?

In most cases, apartment agencies suck major balls, but i got some news for you that could get them to piss off forever.
News? Such as?
you only need estimates if you have an out side contractor come in and do the work. and there not going to notice the tow charges because they never got that bill. and what i am going to charge them is much much lower than what a contractor would of charged to come in and cut a hole in the ceiling and then patch and paint match it.
Good luck!
Why in the world did they tow your truck?
Someone been drinking a drivving again lol but I love that conracts man I hope it all works out for you.
Go get them Foxy.....Good luck...I hope it works for ya>>>>>HUGS
The thing to do would be to list among your costs as the need to drive to the hardware store, so getting your car back was actually a cost of repair.
oh yes i know im charging them about 60 dollars in supplies and the rest in labor and fee's LOL

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