so ya.....

last night i had a (what i think was) a homeless guy try and mug me in the shop at work .i was jsut waiting for the last driver to show up and i was the only guy left there and  i was putting on a tire and i just got done tightening the lug nuts and i heard foots steps behind me so i stood up and turned around and an older  scraggly looking guy was standing there looking at me. and he tells me to give him my money ...... kinda dumbfounded and surprised i just replied no... and he tells me again but louder give me your money and then he moved a bit so i stepped forward and hit him in the face and then grabbed my pry bar off the side of the dukw and hit him again in the side of the head above the ear witch split his head open. he then stumbled and turned around and ran out of the shop through the main door witch he had to come through in the first place. ended up calling the police and was surprised how fast they  actual showed up and gave them the report and they took off looking for him.......

so that was my excitement for the night

oh gigitty-gig

me at work..........

now the reson im smiling is because i have a lit cutting torch in one hand a 3lb mallet in the other. at times i really love my job :P
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sticking it to the man part 2

so the whole thing with me doing the repairs to my appartment was f-ing awesome. so i went in there and argued with them a bit the other day and today we came to an agreement. instead of me just subtracting the amount form this months rent. im moving into a new 2 bedroom at 180 dollars less a month over the term of the lease allowed to move in augest 15th and have 2 bedroom for free the rest of augest. had all the fee's waived and they are just transfering my deposit from my unit now to the other.    so in the end it ended up saving me ALOT more money :D

-like i said befor....................... DON"T TOW MY TRUCK i will win in the end.
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free stuff is awesome

i pick up a 1954 military oscilloscope with all the leads and in the original water proof box and everything is in awesome shape. someone was just going to throw it away i just need to pick up some fuses and it should fire right up ^^. this model appears to of been intended for use one radar because it has some sweep settings and yard setting as well but should still be fun to mess around with.

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for sale

im going through and selling a bunch of stuff im not using any more let me know if anyone is interested.

- sorry xbox already sold and picked up

- dunlop sportmax d208 supermoto 120/70r17 tire has about 3000 mile son it but it has lot of tread left on it- $40

-micheilin anakee 140/80r17 rear tire has under 200 miles on it like brand new- $90

-pirelli mt60r 120/70r17 front tire under 200 miles on it like brand new- $100

-drz400sm 36mm factory carburator, 300 miles on it - $150

-drx400sm exhaust lightly used 300 mile son it- $50

hahaha dont fuck with me i will end up winning

so a few months ago my apartment complex towed my truck and it cost me 380 dollars to get it out of impound........

well there is a law in washinton saying that if i report an issue that needs to be repaired in my apartment and it isnt fixed is 72 hours i can repair it myself and take the cost and supplys and my labor off the next months rent.

so a drainage pipe started leaking in the ceiling and i notified them last week and they have yet to come and fix it so i repaired it today and made it look better than it did befor. guess how much they will be taking off my rent :P